Clever features to make the most of daily communications

Wherever you are in the world these days, to remain at your competitive edge, your customers expect you to be contactable, responsive and capable of delivering your best levels of service.

With our iPBX we are able to support you in your task of delivering on your business commitments anytime, anywhere, as a part of your own interconnected private business communications network.

The key commercial benefit to you as a customer is that, with our iPBX, the upfront charges are significantly reduced. This enables us to deliver to you all of this technology in a way that takes the pressure off of your business’s finances; whilst ensuring you retain your competitive edge.

The system is future proof and you won’t be left with a phone system in 5 years that is now obsolete.

Why use our iPBX choices of telephones:
  • Divert calls to another number or Voicemail when you’re on the phone or away from your desk. Includes external and mobile numbers, as well as other phones on your network.
  • Use Call Forwarding to set other numbers on your network to ring when your phone rings, or twin your phone with your mobile.
  • Know when another caller is waiting to get through with Call Waiting, and use Call Park to put a caller on hold while you answer another call.
  • Know when you have a message waiting with on-screen pop-ups, SMS text messages and email alerts.
  • Respond immediately with Last Number Redial and Click-2- Talk.
  • Easily manage all your contact lists with your personal and company Address Books.
  • Never forget to make those important calls – use Events Diary to set reminders against your Address Book entries.
  • Forward your calls to any internal phone, your mobile or external phone.
  • Access Voicemail from any internal phone, your mobile or external phone, or on-line.
  • Access your contacts from anywhere with your on-line Address Book.
  • Let the whole team know with messages on shared Voicemail.
  • Help your customers’ calls get through with Call Groups.
  • Let your callers know they’re connected with Music on Hold.
  • Route your callers to the right people with Auto Attendant (Gold package option).
  • Perfect and review your telephone responses with Call Recording (Gold package option).
  • Have all your internal and external numbers quickly to hand with Address Book – see who’s calling and Click-2- Talk straight from your contacts.
  • See when colleagues are free to take a call with Line Monitoring, and transfer calls to any internal or external number easily.
  • Quick dial Short Codes for your everyday numbers.
  • Protect your precious time with Do Not Disturb and Block Anonymous Calls.
  • Bring a colleague in on a phone conversation with Three- way Call and forward important Voicemail messages easily to handsets or emails.
  • Access your Fax messages on-line or by email.
  • Set passwords and pin numbers to secure your phones, voicemail and web-portal from unauthorised access.
  • Set external or mobile Failover numbers to keep your communications open in the event of a power-cut, or local network failure.

The powerful administrative features make managing the phone network and monitoring costs and performance a quick and easy job:

  • Update, add or remove users.
  • Set up Call Groups, shared Voicemail boxes and Music on Hold.
  • Create a shared company Address Book and an automatic internal telephone directory.
  • Track and bar unauthorised calls.
  • Block unwanted calls.
  • Monitor your phones account and company Calls History, and create automatic Company Reports.
MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Our MPLS VPN service allows the secure exchange of data across a VPN (Virtual private Network) and cost effective communication between company sites, remote workers, business partners and clients.

With a range of access options available including ADSL, LLU, FTTC and Ethernet it is easy to manage and sell.

The product provides any to any IP Wide Area Network (WAN) services and can be designed in full mesh or hub and spoke technologies.

It is designed for multi-sited enterprises and for those with remote workers that need to simply and securely access their internal corporate network.

Partners get the benefit of being able to link customer sites and employees via a private IP network which is easy to provision and manage our MPLS VPN does not need expensive routers and security software.

MPLS VPN gives Partners a high performance networked run demanding applications such as IP telephony, small, file transfer and data sharing we offer fully managed and wares only undamaged services.

All circuits with managed CPE are proactively monitored 24/7. We provide a range of VPN access options from ADSL, LLU to FTTC and Ethernet.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Our Dedicated Internet Access circuits range from 1Mb/s to 1Gb/s. We provision circuits from all the major UK carriers at the most competitive pricing in the channel. Services are available on both managed and unmanaged options. All managed services come with a managed router and are proactively monitored 24/7.

Take back control of your telephony

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